Monday, 04 May, 2009

Maintenance and Serviceability

The shortfall of many modular stormwater detention and infiltration systems is their inability to address the sediment and solids that are transported in the stormwater during a rainfall event. When the stormwater enters into a larger storage it slows down, and depending on the reduction in velocity or detention time within the storage, much of the solid mass being carried by the stormwater will be deposited. EcoAID offers a simple and effective way to manage the solids entering the system.

The environmental benefits of solids removal are well documented, however the more effective a system is at removing contaminants and solids the more often it will need to be cleaned - yes? Well, not necessarily. It also depends on the volume available for sedimentation and solids deposition. EcoAID enables the designer to maximise this volume and minimise the maintenance return interval, so you spend less time and money cleaning it out! This is called a win / win situation!

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